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Sarka Ruzickova


Sarka Ruzickova is a Pilates instructor, athletic coach, and owner of Polestar Pilates Studio in Winter Park, Colorado.  She has been a professional skier and mountain bike racer, and continues to coach athletes and inspire women to be active.

After Pilates helped her recover from previous injuries, Sarka was inspired to learn how to assist athletes and the general public to teach them the healthy movement patterns that helped her heal. This passion for movement and to help others led her to the Polestar Pilates curriculum, graduating as a Studio practitioner in April 2017. 

In addition to being a Polestar Graduate, Sarka has a Master’s degree in Chemistry and Physical Education from TU Liberec, Czech Republic. Sarka has also trained with the OOV and is Level 1 Terramethod Cycling trained.

As she already works with many women, she is actively trying to motivate more men to do Pilates, to enhance their body awareness and prevent injuries. Sarka wants to help everyone achieve their goals and inspire them to take better care of their bodies and souls.