What’s In A Name? Creative Classes in 2017

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December 26, 2016

As much as I love spontaneity, being in the moment and not planning, I realize that classes need good names and descriptions.    With increasing clarity and communication about what to expect in a class at our studio in mind, we’ve come up with new class descriptions.  All of our classes will always provide a full mind-body-spirit experience plus a focused theme.


All of our group classes fall under 2 categories: 101 Fundamentals and Intermediate – Advanced. 

101 Fundamentals classes focus on the nitty gritty of alignment and breath, while also challenging students to reach their highest potential in any given moment.

Intermediate – Advanced classes take the building blocks learned in the 101 Fundamentals classes and turn them into creative, fast-paced, high-intensity work-outs.

Check the new classes we will be launching for YOU in the New Year!

101 Fundamentals

  • ABSolute Control: Possibly the deepest abdominal work ever!  Learn how to execute less repetitions while gaining greater results.  When you learn how to move from your breath you awaken the deepest aspects of your body + mind.  This class will teach you how to safely awaken your core while stabilizing your spine.
  • Flexibility, Strength + Alignment: Ever feel like you’re not flexible enough for Pilates or yoga?  Fret not!  We’ve create this class to focus on increasing your range of movement in almost every possible direction.  Lengthen, define + tone your body and notice that as your body becomes more flexible, your mind will follow.

  • Posture, Poise + Elegance: Ever catch a glimpse of yourself while texting, driving or walking that makes you feel that not so youthful feeling?  Learn everyday tips on how to re-wire your body and stand tall the way nature intended you to.  Focusing on reversing the appearance of aging, this class will awaken the muscles that help you stand tall for hours on end!

Intermediate – Advanced

  • Cardio Jump-board:  This class will make you sweat!  The reformer’s jump board allows us to get our heart rates up with less impact.  Jumping without the pressure of gravity increases the demand for core control while giving you a cardio workout.
  • Flexibility for Athletes:  Love cross fit, boot camp + high intensity workouts?  This class will focus on challenging the parts of the body that are often at risk of injury during very high intensity workouts.  Stabilizing the shoulder girdle, organizing the hips and freeing up more segments of movement in the spine will make you less injury prone.


Stay tuned to the changes being made to our class schedule, including the addition of the very sought after 7:30pm Mondays – Thursdays!

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