Leah Kinsella

Yoga, Pilates, GYROKINESIS®, Meditation and Life Coach

Who I Am

Friend, sister, teacher, and coach.  Leah has been teaching since 2007; a student of yoga since 2000.  She teaches from a place of dedication to the practice and has been fortunate enough to have amazing teachers like Rod Stryker, Brent Anderson and Shelly Power.  Leah is inspired to guide her clients in finding independence and clarity through the practices of yoga, Pilates, GYROKINESIS®, coaching and meditation.  Her capacity to take years of dedicated learning, and translate it for her clients makes Leah’s approach accessible and functional.  She is one of 80 nationally certified Para Yoga instructors, is Polestar® Pilates trained and a licensed GYROKINESIS® instructor.  Leah has recently completed the ICF University of Miami Life Coaching Cert, with which she combines all of her healing techniques for purposeful goal setting. 

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