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Like many, Jennifer came to Pilates through an injury.    With suddenly painful herniated cervical disks from an old injury combined with years of poor posture and (just perhaps) many years of overzealous, yet improper baby holding.   There were surgeons ready to sign her up for surgery.  Then she found the head of Neurosurgery at the University of Miami Spine Institute who prescribed Pilates first.   Not surprisingly since many Polestar® Pilates Education faculty are also UM faculty.  Jennifer did not only fall in love with the Pilates method but she also avoided surgery!  It was love at first class and she hasn’t turned back since.   In 2015 she complete the Comprehensive Polestar® Pilates Teacher Training and teaches from her own experience of the healing powers of Joe’s method.  Jennifer believes in “Every Body Pilates” and loves to have the chance to introduce others to the method.  

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